January 17, 2012

Caftan Research

Remember reading about this one in my April post? Well I found it marked down from almost $300 (downright insulting) to $40 in December and haven't taken it off yet! This is real hand-dyed silk and hot damn this caftan looks good. See it live action in my headboard video. My sweet and crafty Corinne and I have something really special in store for you!

I have been dreaming of caftans a) because the are beautiful b) I now have THREE c) in preparation for my DIY Caftan video.

It does not get better than Miss Cleopatra/Elizabeth Taylor in a Caftan with an ornate spiky headpiece (pour some out).

The 3rd image is model Marisa Berenson in California circa 1967, shot by Henry Clarke, bottom image is in the Rajasthan region of India, shot by Ken Scott, also in '67.